Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chrome’s XMLHttpRequest (XHR ) abort issue while uploading multiple files.

I developed a file uploading component using HTML5 File API and XMLHttpRequest(XHR) .One of the main requirements was, the user should be able to abort/cancel one or more uploading request from the list of files that are being uploaded.

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While I was implementing abort functionality, I came across an issue that the Chrome Browser did not allow aborting a request when multiple files are being uploaded. And this turned out to be a bug

The bug reports explain that it’s something to do with cached resource. So it tried to make every POST request to be unique. As I don’t allow the user to select files that has same names, I was able to make the XHR request unique with appending the file name in each request.

The initial one was:'POST', "", true);

After the modification:'POST', "?upid=" +, true);
here, ‘upid’ is just a parameter name that I use .

So the code that makes the XHR request would be
if ($ {
 try {
   * XHR.abort() is not working properly in Chrome ( aborting
   * a file upload while uploading multiple files parallely)
  // Bug
  // :
  // Bug :
  // Bug :'POST', "?upid=" +, true);
 } catch (e) {
} else {'POST', "", true);
This approach really worked for me and hope it helps you too

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